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Summary of the delicious offerings available in the Masterchef final 2010.

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a.k.a The TotalFilm goatse

Test if you have been overexposed to internet memes over the years with the latest cover of totalfilm. If you have no idea what I’m talking about after looking at the picture, then consider yourself untainted.

*cough* goatse *cough*

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Taken from the hilarious StSandersMisc

From the album “First your pants then your shoes” comes this evergreen hit of The Heatless. The band that could’ve gotten it all, but didn’t want to.

Steve Vai shreds

Kiss shreds (check out the A-team breakdown)

Han Navel – Job

Freddie Kruger, Brian March, John Deere and Roger Tinker performing “The Behemothian Potpourri”.

Immoral, indecent, obscene, lewd.

That is the motto of the group Passing Stones, which is also referred as “the most offensive musician’s group of the 20th century.” or “The MOMsGOT20THC”.

The Seagulls plays their #1 hit “Radio Edit”. This is the first and the last gig with Mr. Duck on vocals.

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