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I seem to need this picture daily, so putting it here for ease of access.


See how Kinect incredibly reads his every movement and he uses his skills to earn 3rd place in this racing game!

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Although poking fun at FOX news’ inadequacies is a bit like poking fun at the special needs kid in school, I couldn’t ignore this one. Especially since it has special interest to fellow netdump blogger evilplopdisease, who is in a Beatles tribute band.

The Beatles – Manchester‘s finest export. Until they correct it, here’s a link to the article in question. Click the image below for full size.

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I can only assume this is a Satirical Newspaper…. Read the full story here

Summary of the delicious offerings available in the Masterchef final 2010.

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a.k.a The TotalFilm goatse

Test if you have been overexposed to internet memes over the years with the latest cover of totalfilm. If you have no idea what I’m talking about after looking at the picture, then consider yourself untainted.

*cough* goatse *cough*

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